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Perfect Wine & Beer Pairings for Steaks & Burgers


Generally speaking, the deeper and richer (fattier) the cut of beef, the darker you want your wine to be. Bolder flavors usually pair better with bolder wines.

If you’re enjoying one of our strip steaks, a nice Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot is a solid choice. Merlots are known for their softer tannins, and although they aren’t as acidic as Cabernets, they do have enough “oomph” to complement a leaner cut of steak. Merlot cuts the fat in robust meats, and its fruit flavors of plum, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, and hints of cocoa & pepper allow the richness of the steak to shine.

If you’re getting into one of our filet mignons, a Pinot Noir is a likely candidate. Pinot Noir is versatile, subtle and very steak friendly. Lighter in color as compared to other full-bodied red wines, Pinot’s fruity notes and spicy earthiness allows it to blend well with the flavors of filet mignon, especially because this cut contains less fat.

When in doubt – ask your server. All of Bone & Broth’s servers are well-versed in wine and food pairings, and they just love to answer questions!


Again, a general rule of thumb is that the deeper and richer the food, the better it pairs with more flavorful (and especially hoppy) beers. The more hop bitterness the beer has, the heartier or livelier the meal needs to be to hold its own. Don’t overwhelm your palate or meal or cloud what the chef was trying to achieve. IPAs, porters and red ales are all excellent choices when it comes to burgers or steaks.


This is your meal. If you enjoy a certain kind of wine or beer – have it. Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect match – just drink what you enjoy. And, again – if you have any questions or aren’t sure what to choose, ask your server. They’ll help steer you in the right direction. But, in the end – pick what you like. Our food is going to be great with a glass of water – but having a beverage you ENJOY to go along with your meal is always a winner – no matter what you choose.

Downtown Asheville Drum Circle

5 Free Things to Do in Downtown Asheville

Pritchard Park Drum Circle

Every Friday night (even when it’s cold in Asheville,) folks gather in Pritchard Park in Downtown Asheville to beat, bang and hammer away on drums, cymbals and all sorts of other percussion instruments. The effect can be mesmerizing. There’s lots of dancing and a million little things to see. If you’re downtown, you don’t need a map – just follow your ears.


April through September, you can find kids of all ages splashing around in front of the Buncombe County Courthouse – enjoying the fountains and geysers of Splashville. There’s a large grass patch to catch some rays and watch the passers-by. It’s the perfect way to spend a hot day!

Asheville Urban Trail

Asheville is a diverse and arsty town – and a great way to take some of it in (for FREE!) is to walk the Asheville Urban Trail. There’s lots of art, obtuse sculptures and all sorts of neat little things to see. All within an easy walk, you can see pigs, little girls, dancing people – and some of Asheville’s iconic architecture and oddities.

Montford Park Players

Like Shakespeare? You know you do. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30, the Montford Park Players pull out the bard card and give a free show, open to all ages. Gorgeous costumes and memorable performances are all part of the package. Seating is limited in the amphitheater, but there’s plenty of lawn seating. Bring a picnic (have Bone & Broth pack it up for you!) and have a lovely evening of culture just steps away from Downtown Asheville!

Shindig on the Green

Bluegrass aficionados and lovers of live music alike will enjoy the show every Friday night from June to September. There are stage acts, plus breakaway groups play all over the place. From young folks to old-timers, there are all sorts of great acts. Located beneath the Buncombe County Courthouse, Shindig is open to all ages. Again, a wonderful place for a picnic dinner, Shindig on the Green has been running for 52 years!

Why Dry-Aged Beef?

Bone & Broth offers some of Asheville’s best locally-sourced, dry-aged steaks. Tender, flavorful and downright scrumptious, you can’t go wrong with dry-aging.

But – what does that really mean?

When dry-aging beef, a large primal cut of beef is hung or placed on a rack inside a climate-controlled environment to dry and age for several days or weeks. During this time, water from the muscle evaporates, leaving the resulting meat denser and more flavor-packed. Typically, a primal will lose 10% or more of it’s weight due to water loss. This translates to more intense flavor, and a more delicious steak!

Dry aging, done properly, is an entirely safe method of preparing beef & steak. The outer fat and bone keep bacteria at bay, and the cool temperatures in the drying rooms keep things neat & tidy.

Once aging is complete, the primal is cut into steaks.

Dry-aged steaks have a richer, deeper, “beefier” flavor and are more tender than non-aged steaks. The meat is also said to have a nuttier flavor.

Bone & Broth takes great pride in our dry-aged steaks. If you’re looking for one of Asheville’s premier cuts, we’re the people to see. Our all natural beef comes from local and regional farms that produce with no hormones or antibiotics. Our cuts are carefully aged and handled with love. From start to finish, we’re out to produce the best steak you’ve had.