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New Fall Craft Cocktail Menu

Fall Cocktail Menu

Fall is an exciting time in Asheville. It’s a time for change. Leaves changing colors, temperatures getting cooler and we begin to feel like adventuring out around town. I think we all start to anticipate those changes in the dog days of summer. A little relief from the heat sounds appetizing to me.

Seasonal menu changes are always an exciting and much anticipated time at Bone & Broth. Our first Fall menu change comes to our cocktail menu, with our food menu to follow. Both of which will have a brand new and refreshed look. On September 18’th we will be saying goodbye to our Summer cocktails and saying hello to fall versions. We will have some new additions to those menus as well.

Barrel-aged cocktails like Boulevardier, Lion’s Tail and Bijou are exciting new creations Brittany (our bar manager and creative mixologist) has created. All aged in charred barrels. Also new will be whiskey flights. We will have a rye and a premium whiskey flight, with an option to do a chocolate tasting with the premium whiskey flight with chocolates specifically paired from The Chocolate Fetish. I don’t know of another Asheville restaurant doing this, should be fun.

There will be a few dessert cocktails to go along with the two new desserts Chef Chris is making. We are having some warm comfort-deserts to offer as the temperature starts dropping.

So, get out, enjoy the cooler weather with a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the changing leaves.

While you are out, stop in to try some of our new cocktails after the 18th or some of the new food after October 2nd (more on that on the next post). Until next time Cheers.

What Makes A Great Neighborhood Restaurant?

I often ask myself, what makes an Asheville restaurant part of the neighborhood. When you think of a neighborhood restaurant it should be ingrained in the fabric of the area, but that’s not just a physical presence is it? A community is businesses and families supporting one another. When one of us thrives so does the whole neighborhood.

In the case of Bone & Broth, it’s working with the Chop Shop, Metro Wines, or Geraldine’s Bakery. The best restaurants in Asheville do better when they are a part of the community, we are no exception.

Bone & Broth is a great Asheville restaurant because of our strong attention to three areas. The first is the food. From lovingly crafted shareable appetizers to great steaks, to a wide selection of Entrees by Chef Chris, we make sure our food is locally sourced and expertly prepared. The second is the craft cocktails, beer, and wine. We focus on providing a wide selection of classics and new drinks that pair great with our food. The third we focus on is our ambiance and service. Walking in and seeing our mahogany bar reminds you of a place everyone knows your name, and our staff will make sure that you feel comfortable enjoying your time with family and friends.

What truly makes a restaurant a part of a neighborhood is it being a place where you go to create memories. Whether you are coming in to share an appetizer and drink with a co-worker, out on a date with a significant other, or celebrating a special occasion with loved ones, we are the perfect place to create memories.

Why Our Beef is the Best

If you know anything about Bone & Broth, you know that we take our beef seriously. Rich, tender, and juicy – our beef is sure to get your mouth watering. With dry-aged cuts from regional farms, you know you’ll get a quality product with us. As much as we could go on about the immaculate quality of our beef, we’re sure you’d like to know what cuts you can get your hands on. Look no further.

We have two types of Filet Mignon – Dry-Aged and Black Angus. Our Dry-Aged Filet Mignon is a six ounce filet from Apple Brandy Farms in Wilkesboro, NC. Hot and fresh, this is one of our most popular choices. By dry-aging our beef, it becomes denser and more packed with flavor. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find restaurants that serve dry-aged beef due to the time it takes to age, so you might want to try it out while you have a chance. If you’re looking for a more traditional style, check out our Black Angus Filet Mignon from Grand Island, NE. At a sizeable 8 ounces, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth. Dripping with flavor and served sizzling, our Black Angus Filet Mignon is one of a kind.

If Filet Mignon isn’t your style, we have a couple more options for you. One, our Dry-Aged Denver Steak, is an 8 ounce cut from Apple Brandy Farms. Denver steaks are cut from the chuck, creating a tender, beefy steak. Marbled to perfection, our Denver steaks are above the rest. Our other more traditional steak is our 12 ounce Black Angus New York Strip, hailing from Grand Island. New York Strip is one of the most popular cuts of beef, and ours will show you exactly why. Juicy and delicious, you can’t go wrong with this one.

We know that you’ll adore our beef, so stop by and get some killer cuts. And did we mention each steak comes with the choice of two sides? Even better.