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Bone & Broth’s additional measures for guest and team health and safety

We at Bone & Broth always take the responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of our guests and team very seriously. We are always proud of our cleanliness standards and our health department’s high ratings. To that extent we want to share some recent additions we have made to our already high sanitation standards given the Coronavirus and how it can potentially be transmitted:

  • We are increasing distance between tables as much as possible
  • We have contacted our suppliers that provide our disinfectants and sanitizers, and they have provided us with special disinfectant that is a hospital-grade and approved for restaurant use.
  • With this specific disinfectant, we are:
    • Disinfecting every table and chair before each shift, and between seatings
    • Disinfecting Menus, pens, and check presenters after each use
    • Cleaning and disinfecting all bathroom and entry door hardware a minimum of every 30 minutes
  • We have isolated all plates, silverware, and service utensils from public areas
  • And we ensure every new guest gets freshly disinfected salt & pepper, condiments, menus, and silverware
  • We have a strict “stay at home” policy should any employee exhibit any symptom of a cold or allergy, no matter how mild it may be.
  • As always, our employees use gloves for food handling and wash hands often and use sanitizer, and we are keeping focus and awareness on that as well as increasing the frequency of handwashing.

We wanted you to know that as the Coronavirus situation evolves, so will we. Thank you for your trust, be safe, and we hope to see you soon.

Our House-made Bone Broth

Here at Asheville’s favorite neighborhood restaurant, our house-made Broth is just a small but meaningful part of what we do. The Chef’s at Bone & Broth make our bone broth with a slow cooking process that starts with first roasting whole and partial bones. We use both of these to include the connective tissues as well as the marrow. These combine as the source of many of the benefits and provides a wonderful taste treat from the broth you can purchase in the grocery stores. We then add vegetables and simmer for 24 hours before cooling it down. Once cool we skim off the tallow that we mix with butter and serve with our steaks and bread. We then strain the vegetables and bones, add any flavorings like fresh herbs or say ginger and cook another 24 hours before it is ready. It is not an easy process and is a labor of love. It is also a way for us to utilize any scraps such as meat trimmings to reduce our waste.

Nothing much better than sipping a warm broth on a cold day. It is one of our signature starters and a great compliment to any meal. So come in and check it out along with the rest of our varied and innovative menu.

Aside from the delicious taste of our house-made broth, there are many reported health benefits. Here is just one link to some of those benefits.

How can something that tastes so good be good for you? It is up to you to see if you get any of the benefits from the list, but at a minimum it is delicious.

Until next time


Fall Menu

Finally, the leaves have started changing here in Asheville. Mother Nature kept us waiting a few extra weeks this year. Keeping us in anticipation of what the fall colors would look like this year. I hope you have been able to get out and about to see our beautiful mountains.

As with the leaves, we say goodbye to some of our summer menu favorites like: Cheesy crab dip, Shrimp & Grits, the summer salad and pasta.

Like the brilliant colors of fall, new items brighten our menu. Three cheese poblano dip, mussels, a new fall salad with beets, a fall pasta with butternut squash sauce and for those that want lighter options a 4oz filet Mignon and garlicky Shrimp on colusari rice just to name a few.

If you haven’t made it out to see the color, please do. While out why don’t you stop in and try our fall menu? Don’t forget to try one of the cocktails mentioned in our earlier blog.

Until next time, Cheers!