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Why Our Beef is the Best

If you know anything about Bone & Broth, you know that we take our beef seriously. Rich, tender, and juicy – our beef is sure to get your mouth watering. With dry-aged cuts from regional farms, you know you’ll get a quality product with us. As much as we could go on about the immaculate […]

Crafting Asheville’s Perfect Burger

Burgers – an American (or German, or Mongolian, or…) staple. You know ’em, you love ’em, but it’s clear to even the least discerning palates that all burgers are not created equal. At Bone & Broth, we pride ourselves on our mouthwatering burgers – freshly grilled to order and served with a heaping side of […]

Perfect Wine & Beer Pairings for Steaks & Burgers

Wine Generally speaking, the deeper and richer (fattier) the cut of beef, the darker you want your wine to be. Bolder flavors usually pair better with bolder wines. If you’re enjoying one of our strip steaks, a nice Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot is a solid choice. Merlots are known for their softer tannins, and although they […]

5 Free Things to Do in Downtown Asheville

Pritchard Park Drum Circle Every Friday night (even when it’s cold in Asheville,) folks gather in Pritchard Park in Downtown Asheville to beat, bang and hammer away on drums, cymbals and all sorts of other percussion instruments. The effect can be mesmerizing. There’s lots of dancing and a million little things to see. If you’re […]

Why Dry-Aged Beef?

Bone & Broth offers some of Asheville’s best locally-sourced, dry-aged steaks. Tender, flavorful and downright scrumptious, you can’t go wrong with dry-aging. But – what does that really mean? When dry-aging beef, a large primal cut of beef is hung or placed on a rack inside a climate-controlled environment to dry and age for several […]