What Makes A Great Neighborhood Restaurant?

I often ask myself, what makes an Asheville restaurant part of the neighborhood. When you think of a neighborhood restaurant it should be ingrained in the fabric of the area, but that’s not just a physical presence is it? A community is businesses and families supporting one another. When one of us thrives so does the whole neighborhood.

In the case of Bone & Broth, it’s working with the Chop Shop, Metro Wines, or Geraldine’s Bakery. The best restaurants in Asheville do better when they are a part of the community, we are no exception.

Bone & Broth is a great Asheville restaurant because of our strong attention to three areas. The first is the food. From lovingly crafted shareable appetizers to great steaks, to a wide selection of Entrees by Chef Chris, we make sure our food is locally sourced and expertly prepared. The second is the craft cocktails, beer, and wine. We focus on providing a wide selection of classics and new drinks that pair great with our food. The third we focus on is our ambiance and service. Walking in and seeing our mahogany bar reminds you of a place everyone knows your name, and our staff will make sure that you feel comfortable enjoying your time with family and friends.

What truly makes a restaurant a part of a neighborhood is it being a place where you go to create memories. Whether you are coming in to share an appetizer and drink with a co-worker, out on a date with a significant other, or celebrating a special occasion with loved ones, we are the perfect place to create memories.